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Y’all don’t even retweet my tweet, Imran Khan attacked party leaders – Daily QudratOUS News

Y’all don’t even retweet my tweet, Imran Khan attacked party leaders – Daily Qudrat

اسلام آباد (قدرت روزنامہ) پاکستان تحریک انصاف کے چیئر مین عمران خان نے کہا ہے کہ ملک پر چور قابض ہیں اور روز اپنے کیسز کو معاف کروا رہے ہیں،حقیقی آزادی تحریک میں جدوجہد کر کے کامیابی حاصل کریں گے، مجرموں کو این آر او دوم دیکر ملک و قوم کے ساتھ سنگین اور مجرمانہ مذاق کیا گیا، آج انسانوں کی بدترین غلامی دیکھنی ہے

تو اندرون سندھ چلے جائیں . نجی ٹی وی سماء کے مطابق ذرائع نے بتایا کہ عمران خان کا کہنا ہے کہ ٹویٹر پر میرے بیانات کو پارٹی رہنما ری ٹویٹ کرنا بھی پسند نہیں کرتے، تمام لوگوں سے فواد چوہدری ہی اچھا جو دونوں طرف کھیلتا ہے .

As per the details, Tehreek-e-Insaf organized the first women’s convention in the country’s history in Islamabad, Central Secretary General Asad Umar, Central Convener of Insaf Student Federation Arslan Chaudhary attended the convention, President of Insaf Islamabad Student Federation Amjad. and student organizer Naila Marwat also attended the convention. A large number of students from various universities and educational institutions in the federal capital and adjacent areas attended the convention. Addressing the ISF female student convention, Imran Khan said I’m talking about fighting jihad. The real fight for freedom is for your better future. The nation in which there is no rule of law, that nation is destroyed. Thieves have taken over the country. Your cases are being forgiven every day. Imran Khan said prisons should be opened, which is the fault of the poor, Zardari and Sharif are sitting everywhere in poor countries. are and is very important for the next generations, this is the war of the future, the greatest respect in the history of the world belongs to the Prophet wa sallam, we are commanded to go his way, he wa sallam Made small people big people,

Imran Khan said, Maulana Rumi says when you’re crawling on the ground that God has given you, we all have it. We don’t know the rights, there are currents that prevent us from going up, Islam freed women by giving them rights, we still pass the law today.

But 80 percent of women don’t get their inheritance rights, people were freed doing justice, if you want to see the worst slavery today, you should go to Sindh, the way mighty wolves keep people, they don’t keep animals in the west, in the west, if you do cruelty to animals, you have to go to jail, when there are no rights, the society of humans also becomes a society of animals.

So the prophet? First of all, he talked about the justice system, Imran Khan said that if a thief is put in a factory, it will be destroyed. Today, whatever the poor countries, they all have the same history, there is no justice, there is no justice, it is the law of the jungle, there is no rule of law, there is no law for the powerful and the weak do not get justice , even in poor countries, Sharif and Zardari are sitting everywhere stealing.

They are taking money out of the country and begging others to give us money, said Imran Khan, Our Prophet said that great nations were destroyed before you, who failed to catch the mighty ones who stole it, he added. , it became clear that if we do justice to Pakistan, we will be free and this country will become a great country.

The real fight for freedom is taking place, at this moment the thieves are sitting on top. There is a saying about them that madmen have taken over the madhouse, i.e. thieves have taken over the country, they first make the law and then go to the assembly, make amendments to the NAB rules, close their own cases unless we fight for the freedom if we do not defend it.

Then you will not be free, you will only have freedom when you fight for it, this is a turning point, as conscience has come to the nation, at that time, if we work hard, there is no doubt that this is our true freedom… movement will be successful, you have to go to the people, you have to do an adhesion campaign, the politics you are going to do will be involved in the cult because you are not going to do it for yourself.

You will do it for your nation, Madinah state is always an example for us, we are stuck in the swamp of debt, whenever Shahbaz Sharif goes somewhere, he says: Look, I’m not begging, but I’m forced, he’s I humiliate the entire nation, I tell the students, in a month we will see how many members you have and how great our ISF organization will become.

Meanwhile, a meeting of the members of the Tehreek-e-Insaf Senate was held under the chairmanship of Imran Khan. During the meeting, deep concern was expressed about the heinous human rights violations in the country. At the meeting, retaliatory actions against political opponents were strongly condemned. At the meeting, the general political situation in the country and the destruction of the economy were discussed, concern was expressed about the exemptions granted to people after the amendment of the NAB law.

The future strategy of the PTI parliamentary party was discussed in the Chamber. Important questions about preparations for the decisive stage of the real freedom movement were considered. It was agreed to escalate inflation, economic disaster and other issues in the House in full force.

Speaking on this occasion, Imran Khan said that 1100 billion rupees looted by the nation are being digested, the criminal who is being called the savior has left a loss of 20 billion. The stable economy was thrown into the pit of destruction despite the warning, the state of uncertainty is poison to the economy, the solution will be announced by election, Imran Khan said the nation will not be willing to accept criminals in any way. Imran Khan further said he must deliver the most important address in Rahim Yar Khan on Saturday

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