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Wonder, curiosity and questioning are natural traits, science begins when people…

Author: Latif Javed

Episode: 8

Despite the above facts, he says that philosophy is not science. It is strange that all knowledge is subjective, that is why it has its basic rules, rules and regulations. that what is philosophy and what is not philosophy? The result of this is that writers on science continue to write without thinking, unity and harmony cannot be created in their statements. That is why the famous philosopher of the 20th century, Will Durant, had to say.

“A hard-headed reader may stop us here and say that philosophy is as useless as chess, and as dark as ignorance, and as stagnant as satisfaction. Cicero has said that “there is nothing that cannot be found in books – the study of philosophy.” There is no doubt that some philosophers have different kinds of philosophy than philosophy. “

14. Basic concepts of philosophy

According to me, wonder, curiosity and research are human characteristics, Knowledge begins when people start using these characteristics and these questions arise in your mind that what is this world, we are born in practice, why does it exist? What is matter, what are human feelings and emotions, why? What are these joys and sorrows, good and bad, etc.?

Except for those who are drunk with material pleasure, everyone’s mind, except for those with brains, such questions are unanswered, unanswered and will continue to be answered, not for everyone.

0 Some people wring their necks as soon as such questions arise.

Some started a journey and got lost on the way.

0 And there are also leaders who continue to reach the goal in this struggle without worrying about their bodies and souls, these are the real philosophers, they are the ones who start philosophy, these are the people who continue to continue this topic. and this will bring it to an end.

However, let us briefly look at the origins of philosophy in the ancient world.

A human being is a combination of spirit and body.

The mind is the source of emotions, feelings, actions and deeds.

The body represents the form.

The difference between soul and body is only through death.

0 The sky is the source of light, so it gives life, strength, goodness and justice.

0 The sky is the father of everything while the earth is its partner and the mother of everything.

0 The stars are symbols of human destiny, because they are not under human control, so they are obligatory to respect and worship. For me, this is the thought from which dogmatism is born.

The belief of cause and effect has occurred, that is, we believe that everything that happens in the world has a reason. This view later became the basis of science.

Sensory perception is useful but also viewed with suspicion. According to him, the reality of things is their qualities and not their forms.

We see that these ideas have changed a lot through evolution. However, in the context of sensory perception, it should be clear that there is a difference in the science of human perception. Someone says that they are frauds, don’t trust them, while there is a group that considers sensory perception as a source. of knowledge (Continued)

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