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Witnesses recall officer-involved shooting in southeast Calgary – CalgaryOUS News

The investigation continues after a Calgary police officer shot and killed a man in the southeast area, and witnesses recall how the situation unfolded.

“Last night I came home, sat down and heard five shots,” said Fred Smith, who was returning home from work at the time of the incident. “Then I went outside and the police were everywhere.”

By Saturday afternoon, all that was left of the scene was a police tape and a blood-soaked road at 35 Street SE in Radisson Heights.

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Calgary police shot and killed a man in the southeast neighborhood of Radisson Heights.

Police were called to the 1500 block around 10 p.m. Friday after they received reports from residents of a man with a gun acting erratically.

Marie Ball was on the back deck when she heard screams in front of her house as police confronted the man.

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“Being a nosy neighbor, I looked around the corner and then I saw that the police were standing or someone was standing (on the street) with their hands outstretched,” Ball said.

“Then I saw a signal flare from a pistol, and then I heard a couple more (shots) and fell to the floor in the house,” she added.

In a report released Saturday morning, police said the situation had “a rapidly changing dynamic” which they said resulted in an officer “unloading his service weapon.”

Renald Lemerre said he was watching TV when he heard five shots fired from his basement window, and when he looked outside, he saw policemen surrounding a man at his neighbor’s pickup truck.

“The guy wasn’t dead, because when I saw the handcuffs the cop was putting on, I heard this guy,” Lemaire said, mimicking the grunting sounds he heard from the man rolling over on his stomach, “and I was like, ‘Okay, that, probably a stun gun or a shot in the air.”

Although it is not yet known how many times the man was shot, police have confirmed that officers administered first aid to the man before he was taken to the hospital by an ambulance team in a critical but stable condition.

Investigators remained at the scene throughout Saturday, including the Alberta Police Supervisory Authority and the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT).


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