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What did the $160 million Powerball jackpot mean for lottery app downloads?OUS News

Lottery app downloads are an indicator of interest in buying lottery tickets online rather than in a store.

I am grateful to have received this chart from Taylor Collison. It displays app downloads for The Lott, OZ Lotteries, LotteryWest, Lottoland, and The Lottery Office.

Nearly all saw significant download growth, with The Lott and OzLotteries being big winners. Lott accounted for 66% of the 290,000 downloads in October.

It will be interesting to see the percentage of online versus in-store revenue once The Lott releases those numbers. As we’ve seen, online growth far outpaces anything that’s been achieved in-store. I would also like to see the volume of returning orders from online customers. In fact, this information would be interesting and useful.

It is clear that people choose convenience. When you turn on the news and see lines of people fleeing retail stores for gas to deal with jackpot sales, it makes sense that people are looking for an easier way to buy. And while videos and images of people queuing create stories, the reality is that people were served quickly and efficiently, and so many new and infrequent Powerball buyers asked questions.

I know that many newsstands are ecstatic about the increase in revenue from the recent $160 million Powerball jackpot. The commission increase this far from Christmas was welcomed and appreciated. In addition, I was told that other sales increased due to the increase in attendance. Of course, smart retailers with good in-store configuration and tactical placement of opportunities for impulsive buying did it best.

I remain disappointed that The Lott continues to require retailers to be aware of the ongoing transition from in-store shopping. A fairer approach would give retailers more freedom and less pressure to be a billboard for a growing online business. This freedom could strengthen the business of these lottery agents and thus make them more valuable to The Lott in the future.

This is so easy to fix for The Lott. I suspect that a discrete test will show them that giving retailers more freedom to use The Lott’s current allotted space will not have a negative impact on lottery ticket sales.