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UK heatwave forecast: UK prepares for a scorching 33 degree blast as the choppy Atlantic system collapses | Weather | NewsOUS News

Weather forecasting platform Netweather has revealed how temperatures will rise over the next week. He said the outlook could reach “heatwave criteria” as temperatures break the 30C barrier.

The service predicted: “High pressure will spread east across the southern half of England this weekend and will remain dry, settled and bringing increasingly warmer conditions for much of next week.

“Temperatures will be near average downstream for the next few days, but will rise over the next week and have the potential to reach lows of the thirties in southern England from Tuesday to Friday.

“This meets the heatwave criteria.”

But the outlook will be different in the north, where “Atlantic front systems” will “expose” Scotland to cooler temperatures.

“However, Scotland will be subject to Atlantic front systems moving east, so it will be cooler here with the possibility of some rain at times, particularly north and west Scotland – east is drier.”

On Sunday, temperatures will peak at 27C in the southeast and spread to the southwest.

The city will see 26C on Sunday and temperatures will drop towards the Midlands.

Maximum temperatures in Wales won’t exceed the mid-20s and northern areas will see high teens over the weekend.

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York and the surrounding area will feel the highest temperatures in the north and drop to low 20C in Newcastle and Preston.

On Thursday, most of the UK will see warm temperatures kick in with baking below Manchester at 31C or 32C.

Across Yorkshire, Britons will likely see temperatures of 30C, but that number will drop across the country in Merseyside.

Friday will see temperatures in the south sit comfortably in the mid-30s and many counties in the southeast and southwest will reach 33C.

Throughout Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds to Birmingham, temperatures will be between 31C and 32C.

The vast majority of Wales will dip below 30C but still feel the heat of 28C or 29C.

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