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Two Sega fans get married in Japan, win weddings with fabulous Mega Drive wedding cake【PhotosOUS News

An edible Sega tower of power to mark the beginning of married life.

Picture a wedding cake. Odds are that your mental image is of an elaborate and delightfully embellished design, with multiple tiers and finished off with a layer of pure-white cream as the bride’s dress.

And it’s almost exactly the type of cake that Japanese Twitter users @NAGASE_FC3S Recently seen at the wedding reception of my friends. The frosting was not white, however, but was a deep, light-absorbing black. It may sound like an ominous, ominous choice, but the cake wasn’t foreshadowing a dark future for the newlyweds, but was showing a bright spot of video game history.,

For those who grew up in an era when polygonal graphics and analog controls are the default for video games, the inspiration for this edible piece of art may not be immediately obvious. But for veterans of the 16-bit console wars, there’s no mistaking what it is: shaped like a wedding cake. mega driveThe Sega console that was renamed Produce for its North American release.

As you might expect, a “video game console-shaped cake” is a unique idea that one partner can’t one-sided railroads when planning a wedding, and @NAGASE_FC3S says that both newlyweds are Sega fans., As a testament to their devotion not only to each other but to the video game company, the cake has not only the core Mega Drive, but also add-ons. Mega CD (aka Sega CD) CD-ROM unit based on it, and hardware-enhancer 32X Peripherals inserted into the top, a formation known to English-speaking fans as Sega “Tower of Power”.

Taking a closer look you can see the lovingly made details like the headphone jack and volume control slider in the left corner of the Mega Drive (the system came to the fore at a time when many TVs, especially those in kids’ rooms, didn’t have stereo sound) MILF and back around Bakers also remembered to include the ports where the AC adapter and other hookup cables were plugged in.,

As in other countries, it is a tradition for everyone to watch the newly wed couple cut the first piece of cake. in japan it is called kiki nyutou, literally “putting a knife in the cake.” @NAGASE_FC3S guys though, and decided to turn things around instead 1994 Sonic and Knuckles performed a formal “Cake Cartridge Insert” with a cookie made on a cartridge, but Knuckles was replaced by Amy Rose.,

@NAGASE_FC3S’s photos are garnering appreciable acclaim, especially as the currently ongoing Uncle From Another World anime series’ steady stream of Sega references rekindle nostalgia for the company’s glory days. Perhaps the biggest compliment, however, came from Sega, who responded to @NAGASE_FC3S’s tweet with a heartfelt “Congratulations!” given with.

We here at Sorannews24 also extend our best wishes to the newlyweds. May your marriage be as strong as the Mega Drive’s Motorola 68000 CPU, as beautiful as the Mega CD’s orderly soundtrack, and last much longer than the 32X.

Source: Twitter/@NAGASE_FC3S through the jino
Top image: Twitter/@NAGASE_FC3S
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