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Two recovered from police custody in KarachiOUS News

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The police in Karachi on Wednesday took two people who had been kidnapped by someone other than the police for ransom, 24NewsHD TV channel reported.

Sohail Hassan, a police officer, deputy at Sukhan police station, abducted Shehbaz, the owner of a car showroom in Korangi. The police, however, recovered from nearby Malir Nadi.

The force also arrested the policeman along with his two companions.

Shehbaz told the media that the suspects, after abducting him, also stole money from his ATM. “They had demanded Rs2 million in ransom, but finally settled for Rs0.3 million when the police arrived,” he explained.

US-born wife of captive praises police work.

On the other hand, a judge broke into the torture cell of the Quaidabad police station and arrested Hassan.

Hassan told the police that so far he had paid Rs0.1 million to the police.

Taking notice of the incident, SSP Malir Hassan Sardar Niazi has arrested three policemen, including SHO Quaidabad police. Reporter: Imtiaz Ali


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