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Is it possible Tucker Carlson has a blood clot?

That’s not to say they can’t all be doofuses. The $160-billion defamation lawsuit brought by Dominion Election Systems against Fox News continues to reveal two Tuckers, two Sean Hannitys, two Laura Ingrahams…

I will admit that there is a Maria Bartiromo.

Glasses or no glasses, he’s a singularly real nutjob.

On Tuesday, in the latest part of the court filings, Dominion revealed more words and emails the Fox people put into the ether around the time Donald Trump refused to accept his loss to Joe Biden. And he wrote again.

Two days before the Jan. 6, Mr. Carlson texted a colleague: “We are very, very able to ignore Trump most nights. I really can’t wait.”

Tucker also wrote about Trump: “I hate him passionately.”

It’s like hearing Ernie backstab Bert.

Hey, MAGA, you might want to take off your red hats for a moment of silence. It looks like your hero Tucker Carlson has a bad case of Derangement Syndrome.

This week’s documentary is more proof Fox stars believe one thing and then say the exact opposite when the cameras are rolling.

It’s upside-down where part-time games are just games.

The Fox opinion slingers don’t stand for anything – they just stand against it.

If Biden says America needs more AR-15s, Hannity will call for the repeal of the Second Amendment. If Biden proposes a national ban on the Drag Queen History Hour, Carlson will perform her next show dressed as Marilyn Monroe in an act of protest.

That’s the crux of this issue that was already the Super Bowl for media viewers: Why did Fox run Trump’s big lie when everyone inside knew that was it?

Fox chairman Rupert Murdoch did not think once the elections were stolen. But he failed to sell the piranhas and barracudas that swim his airwaves at night with predatory lies. Privately, Carlson honestly believes that Trump is a “demonic force” being subverted by crazy lawyers who are peddling a “moral and reckless” scam.

Then another Tucker in high-def makeup will do the verses in public with that trick.

Amazing, it is yet pandering and betraying a cynical assumption his viewers are total chumps. This week, he cherry-picked random clips from more than 40,000 hours of security footage that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy gave exclusively: the January 6 attack on the Capitol. The goal? To Picasso’s memory hole.

It’s bonkers. If you gave me 40,000 hours of footage from World War II, I could easily isolate and demystify tense moments in which soldiers laughed and ate sandwiches with nary a firefight in sight.

Unfortunately for McCarthy, he actually has a much larger audience than Carlson.

We all saw what happened that day. This is why Republicans are even calling BS on Tucker’s ploy to rewrite history. How does “peaceful protest” lead to many deaths? Why would “national celebrities” collect logs and walk in bear fat?

I have been an “observer” in many cities and not once have I seen myself attacking the police, kicking in windows, leaving the corridors of power, looking for the vice-president to hang or try to overthrow a government.

No tourist visits the Eiffel Tower with feverish dreams military dictatorship.

But the Tuckers, all of them, don’t care about truth or honesty. They only care about ratings and power. And the Dominion show has dropped hints in a Fox civil war.

In an exchange that aired this week, Hannity and Steve Doocy openly mocked the “straight news” operations team. It’s like the Burger King employees who hate on the Whopper. These two blowhards seem angry at the very idea of ​​that journalism.

Why? As Hannity said to Doocy: “You’re not fundamentally angry.”

I bet Dominion lawyers now have T-shirts emblazoned with those words.

Carlson daily turns on a soft-spoken smile to dismiss the independent media he despises for his rational criticisms of Trump. In private, it looks like you should be staying at CNN or MSNBC.

Here’s Carlson on Trump’s estate: “That’s the last four years. We all pretend that we have a lot to show for, because accepting such a tragedy has been very hard to digest. But come on. There is no real rise to Trump. “

What a shame he didn’t have the stones to say that on air.

Pending a decision, Dominion still has a steep hill to climb if this goes to trial next month. The first amendment protects free speech. But it is not an impossible slope. Just ask Hulk Hogan. Fox is basically a conservative network, an antidote to liberal negativity, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But there is something wrong with the way you deceive your viewers because you are afraid they will cover their eyes and ears and run away from the truth.

What you end up with is corporate identity confusion.

And democracy is in chaos.

Tucker just makes a sport of hoodwinking the zombies watching him because he’s afraid they’ll eat his brains. One Ingraham takes any cultural war issue and pushes it to the front lines. Hannity just wants partial hegemony, even if the middle class is oppressed on policies at odds with their own best interests. Then Fox viewers blame the MSM for everything.

They should turn off the TV and read this week’s court papers.

It was Fox who lied to you.

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