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Tommy Dorfman on the ‘discomfort and exuberance’ of transitionOUS News

tommy dorfman

Tommy Dorfman shared a stunning new photo shoot and talked about ‘encountering’ his old photos (Image: Jessica Osber Photography)

Tommy Dorfman reflected the transition in the public eye with an open and honest writing.

The American actress rose to fame in 2017 by portraying Ryan Shaver in the acclaimed teen drama 13 Reasons Why.

Tommy, who is queer, came out non-binary while on the show and initially used the pronoun they/them and has since come out as a trans woman.

The star made her identity public in July 2021, but said she had been ‘private’ as a woman for close to a year at that point.

Now Tommy thought about how far he’d come and said he was ‘grateful’ still ‘being here’ as he opened up about the challenges of transitioning under the spotlight.

The actress, who entered Instagram on Friday, shared frames from a new photo shoot she did in July.

In response, Tommy also included an older photo of himself that was taken before he even dated back in 2016.

While Metro.co.uk doesn’t usually share pre-transition photos, in this case we’ve included all the photos in her post because Tommy chose to share it and speaks openly about his journey.

tommy dorfman

The US actress rose to fame as Ryan on 13 Reasons Why and emerged as a trans woman years later (Image: Jessica Osber Photography

tommy dorfman

Tommy says it was part of his ‘euphoria’ to see the woman he is today compared to his old photo (Image: Jessica Osber Photography)

Writing to his 1.3 million followers, Tommy said, “Another year, another headshot.

‘Part of the discomfort of transitioning in this public space is constantly confronting older versions of myself online, but a lot of my enthusiasm and joy comes from seeing myself through someone else’s lens as the woman I am today.’

Tommy added: ‘I don’t always recognize myself in these moments, but I’m grateful to be here. (sic)’

He happily invited anyone who wanted to see ‘Baby T’ to scroll through snapshots and see some headshot photos of him fresh out of acting school.

tommy dorfman

Tommy invited people to see ‘baby T’ as he shared an old headshot photo of a fresh graduate from acting school (Image: Jessica Osber Photography)

tommy dorfman

Since her debut, the actress has stunned at the Met Gala and has become a role model for young transgender people (Image: Getty Images North America)

The star received huge support from both her friends and fans after she shared the honest post by Marc Jacobs in which she wrote ‘I love you so much’.

While LGBT+ activist Cleo Wade said ‘giving healthy and happy’, another friend wrote: ‘She puts on a fair amount of makeup.’

Model Ella Emhoff, stepdaughter of US Vice President Kamala Harris, told Tommy she looked ‘FABULOUS’.

Derry Girls star Nicola Coughlan, meanwhile, praised Tommy’s hairstyle by writing, ‘The BOB is going into a bobbin’.

tommy dorfman

Tommy uses his platform and presence at the Met Gala to urge people to ‘protect trans children’ (Picture SplashNews.com)

Tommy appeared in an honest interview with Time magazine last year and has said before that he ‘did not feel safe enough to talk about it’.

‘But I know the transition is beautiful. Why don’t you let the world see what it’s like?’

At the time, he said he would keep the name Tommy, as he was named after his mother’s brother, who died shortly after he was born.

tommy dorfman

Tommy has previously talked about the happiness the transition has brought him and admitted that he had never thought of being ‘really happy’ before (Image: Getty Images for BFC)

The actress explained: ‘This is an evolution of Tommy. I’m becoming more Tommy.’

In May, Tommy made his debut at the Met Gala in a green latex dress with gold details and an iconic bag that reads ‘protect trans children’.

She has previously admitted that the transition had a huge impact on her happiness, adding, “I don’t think I’ve ever been really happy until last year.”

“I’m just taking hormones. I changed my hormones and I’ve never felt better in my life,” she told InStyle last summer.

‘I spent 28 years of my life suicidal, depressed and recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction.’

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