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‘To end terrorism, PTM will have to be independent’OUS News

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It is very acceptable if the establishment has realized that it should not interfere in political matters. The army should also know one more thing that they can eliminate the terrorists but they do not have the ability to eliminate terrorism or they are not trained. I am of the opinion that if terrorism is to be eradicated then the Pashtun Defense Force should be freed. They are our people. Pakistan is an ally in the war on terror. Imran Khan is a friend of the establishment and now he is making serious attacks on the establishment while the other side the leader of PTM is in jail. This is what Barrister Owais Babar said.

The environment has become neutral

Speaking on Naya Door TV’s talk show ‘Khabar Se Aya’, Owais Babar said that if the establishment is saying that they are aware and have become neutral or will become neutral, then it is still a big deal. After the leak of Imran Khan’s voice, the enthusiasm of his supporters has also decreased. We can say that whether the army is neutral or not, the atmosphere is definitely becoming neutral slowly.

Imran Khan will be driving

He said that when the Supreme Court declared Nawaz Sharif invalid in its 2017 decision, it was clear that he was removed from the leadership of the party and the Election Commission was appealing against the same decision of the Court. high. In the Election Act of 2017, the Election Commission has been given equal power to the High Court, so if a case has to be initiated in the case of defamation of the Election Commission, then the Election Commission itself has the authority to initiate it.

General Bajwa wants to kill Imran Khan?

Investigative journalist Aizaz Syed said that although we know that General Bajwa’s role as a War Commander is not good, but I don’t think there is any truth in the allegation of killing Imran Khan. After Imran’s speech, you should ask for evidence because Imran Khan has already retracted his speech by accusing many people. Imran’s current strategy is to intimidate the establishment and force it to go on the back foot. This is the reason why they are not naming anyone and criticizing him in terms of terror because they know that naming names does not make any difference, and doing so can lead to action against Imran.

Why did the Taliban not threaten Tehreek-e-Insaf?

He said that Imran Khan is giving a message to the new army chief that I can do strategy. On the one hand they are asking for permission to go back and on the other hand they are also calling for their help. Why PTI’s name is not included in the groups threatened by Tehreek-e-Taliban is still a matter of thought. Even before the 2013 elections, PPP and Awami National Party were banned from conducting election campaigns, but PTI was holding rallies freely. It is sad to say that the role of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government is not good during the current wave of terrorism.

More taxes will be collected

Senior journalist Mehtab Haider said that PTI people do not say where they themselves leave the economy, but only talk about the last six to eight months. Economic problems started when the PTI government had a bad relationship with the IMF and a tough program was approved by the PTI. Now only the IMF program can save us but for that more taxes will have to be imposed, electricity and gas prices will have to increase then the IMF program will start.

General Bajwa was not in a position to cause an emergency

Murtaza Solangi said it is an established fact that warlords with extensions are not very powerful and outgoing warlords are also weak, they cannot impose emergency or martial law. There is no truth in Imran Khan’s emergency speech.

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