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This guy cut his wife into 6 pieces and hid them in a pool of waterOUS News

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In India, the murder of a man who killed a wife has been released, the man who was accused of killing his wife, cut his body, and threw it into a boat, the police found the body where it was detect counterfeit money.

According to information, a man was arrested yesterday in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, for killing his wife and hiding her body in a water bag after cutting her body into six pieces with a cutting machine.

The murder was revealed when the police arrived to search the house in a case of counterfeit money, where the officials smelled the corpse.

When they checked the inside of the house, they found a basin of water with an unbearable smell. They were surprised when they saw that a woman’s body had been cut into six parts in the vehicle.

According to the news, the suspect who is called Pawan Thakur, who is twenty-two (32) years old, his wife, Sati Sahu, who is twenty-three (23) years old is a firefighter, then he cut himself with a fire engine, and thrown into the truck.

After the initial investigation, the police officials said that Pawan Thakur, who was accused of killing his wife on suspicion of infidelity, according to the police, the remains could be one to two months old, and they also tried to cremate the body parts. soak. but failed.

According to the police, the accused wrapped their body parts with tape and wrapped them in polythene before putting them in the tank. The accused has also said that his wife is interfering in his work of printing fake currency.

Police said that during the raid, a color printer, photocopied papers and fake notes of Rs 500 and Rs 200 and some real money were recovered from the house of the accused. The accused had mastered photography skills to print fake notes, he used it to order special paper from Bengaluru.

The Bilaspur police have registered a case of murder and forgery against the accused and arrested him. More shows are still expected.