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When the new year comes, the scholars of Astrology and Astrology also and other sciences also leave new discoveries and predictions also begin to make different predictions, it seems that you try to look at the past year so that the programs The future can learn a lesson from you. the past, but it turns out that no one has learned, but it is a tricky trick, what is already is the same, this time we see that the new year 2023 is the most important year in history of the present. time, but some intellectuals or scientists, politicians, etc., etc., not to be underestimated, this year will be a historical year at the world level because on June 24, 1924 , the treaty was signed between the Allies of the Allies. World War I in Lausanne, Switzerland, called the Treaty of Lausanne. It is for 100 years, ending on July 23, 2023, after which Turkey will fully receive the status of a free and independent country. At the worst level, they have known, but at the same time, the Ottoman Caliphate has disappeared, when they were signing the agreement, the British Prime Minister at the time “Lord Cousin” announced this pride with great humility and pride, what happened today. , Turkey and the Caliphate of Islam were lost. Turkey will not stand as a great power, because the caliphates have been destroyed, if we search the pages of history, this is proof whether they are Western powers or not. , but they are very afraid because the Khilafah is a system that not only makes the Muslim Ummah united at the global level, but also gives it global power, after the Second World War, it has been confirmed that the mountains that is in the world. attributed to the Muslim Ummah only because the Muslim Ummah does not have a voice to speak at the world level, this is also a clear fact. The Zionists do not make sudden policies, especially in the enemy of the Muslim community, they plan. For a long time. Therefore, in order to fulfill their goals, they used Turkey as the basis of their conspiracy, to bring Israel, not a single obstacle could stand in the way, because under this plan, it first tried to destroy . the unity of the Muslim Ummah, in which he has succeeded, to dissolve the unity of the Muslim Ummah. The Zionists used the word, but the seeds were planted by creating terrorists within the Muslim Ummah, so even now there is a question whether the agreement with Turkey for 100 years ends. Will the Muslim Umma be able to unite again or have the seeds of conspiracy been planted again? Against the background of the termination of the agreement, the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has said several times in his speeches this year that the country, which has been the center of the Islamic world for 600 years, and has ninety-eight of percent of the Muslim population, will conclude the agreement after 2023. It will not be the same after N. If we review the Lausanne agreement, the Allies, especially Great Britain, have set such tough conditions for the purpose of putting not only Turkey but also Unity Muslim apart, so that Muslim children can marry again, if they don’t agree, according to the agreement, they have seized Turkey and banned Turkey for one year, because of the agreement, the Ottoman Caliphate ended. , the Sultan of the Ottoman Caliphate and his family were exiled from Turkey, it was done, all the kingdoms of the caliphate were taken, Turkey was declared a secular country and it was banned in Islam and the caliphate, which it is normal. announced under the agreement that Turkey will not extract oil from its land, will export all the oil it needs and will not extract gasoline from any other land except the Bosphorus. It is considered that Chana Nacha is in the territory of Turkey, its importance is the same as that of the Suez Canal, so under the agreement, Turkey is forbidden to impose any kind of tax on the ships passing through this canal. the background of international trade After the end of the restriction, Turkey will have the authority to collect taxes. The influence of Mustafa Kemal and the non-religious organizations there is true, but the truth is that the Zionists did all this through an organized committee. and the irregular movements that arose in Turkey When the Ottoman Caliph Abd al-Hamid was on the caliphate, the representatives of the Zionists met him and offered that if the Jews found Jerusalem and Palestine, then Turkey, which currently has a great experience. financial crisis, it will be given in return We will see that it will come out of financial problems and a lot of money will be saved for Turkey to stand on its feet, for the development of Turkey in Istanbul. A university will also be established in which the most intelligent Jewish scholars from all over the world will gather, which will make it possible to help in making Turkey a great development or Fatah country, Khalifa said Kush of it makes a mark on the ground now. with your toe and said that Turkey will not give you even a little of the house of Palestine and Jerusalem of the Islamic State. by Mustafa Kemal, he was born to a Zionist mother and his wife was also a Zionist, he changed the Turkish script from Arabic to Islamic books and the Koran after announcing the end of the Caliphate. Reduce the new generation of holy reading, banning the calls to prayer in Arabic language in the mosque, and taking many such measures, so that Islam can completely disappear in Turkey, now. In the new situation that appeared, there was concern that the powers of the Zionist apparatus would allow the freedom and independence of Turkey to become a bone of their neck, or it would be the result of a conspiracy like the Treaty of Lausanne. be done, will be Arab compared to Turkey, because the measures are taken changes like La Dint there as well.


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