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There is currently no wheat shortage in the country, NFRCCOUS News

LAHORE: (Web Desk) Currently there is no shortage of wheat in the country, according to the NFRCC report, the country has wheat for sowing for the next 6 months and 1.8 million tons of wheat with a strategic reserve of 2 million of tons. is in progress.
The National Flood Response Ordinance Center’s ongoing report states that Pakistan has reached 0.6 million tonnes of imported wheat, 46,000 tonnes of wheat are being released daily from government warehouses.
Regarding other items, it was reported that there was an abundant tomato crop last year, sufficient for the country’s needs, 7.5 million tons of potatoes were produced in the country while 4.2 million tons of potatoes are needed, potatoes and onions were imported from Iran and Afghanistan. In the future, the government abolished the 27% duty for the import of potatoes and onions, the release of imported potatoes and onions is also being ensured daily.
Onion consumption in the country is 1.5 million and tomato consumption is 50 million tons, 55 thousand tons of tomatoes and 6 thousand tons of onions arrived in the country and local reserves add up.
According to the NFRCC, the demand for dal masoor and wort in the country is 1.5 lakh tons, dal masoor and dal mash are being imported from Canada, Australia and Myanmar. The highest consumption of pulses in the country is between 7.8 and 8 lakh tons of pulses and grass in Pakistan annually.