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The United States army is the strongest army in the world, what number is Pakistan? knowOUS News

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A website that publishes a list of the world’s strongest armies has named the Pakistan army as the seventh strongest army in the world.

Earlier in the Military Power Ranking 2020, 2021 and 2022, Pakistan Army was ranked 15th, 10th and 9th respectively, but this year its position has improved by two positions.

World Firepower has been publishing the Military Power Rankings since 2006 and every year, it ranks the armed forces of all countries based on their fighting capabilities.

It provides a ‘power index’ score to each country after taking into account more than 60 factors. The lower the power index value, the greater the power struggle of the countries.

Pakistan Army is one of the 10 strongest armed forces in the world

With a power index of 0.1694, Pakistan has a more powerful and powerful military than Japan, France, Italy, Turkey, Brazil, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Germany and Canada.

In this list, USA is in the first place, Russia is in the second place, China is in the third place, while India is in the fourth place. The fifth position has been given to South Korea and the sixth position to the United Kingdom, while Pakistan has reached the seventh position in this list.