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The number of wasps is growing in Regina – ReginaOUS News

There seems to be something in the air in Regina lately.

If you’re thinking of the Queen City Ex, which started on Wednesday, well, this is one of the places in the city where the wasps are buzzing more than usual.

There is a chance that you will be greeted by a yellow and black insect if you eat the delicious treats found at the fair.

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Jason Au of Mini Donut Factory, one of the food stalls set up in Queen City Ex, said they spotted more wasps in Regina than at any of their other stops this summer in western Canada.

“Of course, with sugar, we noticed that they come to us,” Au said. “For Calgary and Edmonton, it didn’t matter much. But in Regina they are working at full capacity.”

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Au said that he and his team are doing their best to keep the wasps in check by setting up buckets of sugar away from their stand so they can accumulate away from their stand, but numbers keep popping up.

“We make frosting and cinnamon sugar, so they really like it.”

While the city of Regina currently does not have reliable data to show how many wasps are flying in the community, even city workers have been noticing more and more wasps in recent weeks.

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Russell Eirich, open spaces manager for the city of Regina, explained that it’s too early to determine how many wasps the city has as he and his department rely on help desk calls to give them more numerical guidance.

However, he said they will become more aggressive as August approaches and peak around Labor Day weekend.

“Oddly enough, we are seeing this. I saw it in my yard and some of my team members saw it too,” Eirich said.

On a personal note, Eirich admitted that this year alone he had to remove three wasp nests from his territory.

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He suggested keeping a close eye on his yard to see if the wasps were building or had already built a nest, as this is the time of year when people start finding or noticing wasp nests.

Eirich said that sometimes nests can be found in places like hedges, trees, under steps or decks to make sure the nest isn’t built next to your house this summer.

“You’ll see wasps come and go, and you can see wasps come in and out of these areas, which could indicate the presence of a nest,” Eirich added.

“If you think you’re near him, let the wasp do its thing and maybe follow her a little, and then you can see where they’re going in and where they’re coming out of.”

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He said that there are many products to fight wasps and their nests, but he recommended taking care of it early in the morning when the air is cool.

“About 5 or 6 am, since most wasps will be in the nest at that point in time, and it’s safer for you.”

Alternatively, Eirich said there are pest control companies in the community that can take care of such situations if the homeowner doesn’t want to take the risk.

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Eirich mentioned that if the nests are located in a tree or on property owned by the city of Regina, the city will provide appropriate services.

Support calls can be directed to 777-7000.

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