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The government’s decision to leave Miftah Ismail Ishaq Dar, the new finance minister?OUS News

Islamabad: After the difficult economic situation, the government decided to leave Miftah Ismail. Ishaq Dar will be sworn in as Minister of Finance next month.

Private TV said with reference to sources that some ministers are outraged at Miftah Ismail and the allies are also not satisfied with the dollar’s price not falling, so the decision was made to exchange it in London. Miftah Ismail can be finance minister until October 18, after that he will not be minister because no unelected can be minister for more than 6 months.

Sources say Ishaq Dar will be in Pakistan for the next 15 days and will be sworn in as the country’s new finance minister. Sources say that Ishaq Dar has therefore withdrawn his appeal from the Supreme Court and asked the subordinate court that he wishes to surrender, but the arrest warrant must be withdrawn.

Private TV also quoted Federal Law Minister Nazir Tarar in which he said that Miftah Ismail’s constitutional term as finance minister will end next month. Ishaq Dar will come to Pakistan next month and lead the government’s economic team.