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The government’s announcement of support for Senator Mushtaq of Jamaat-e-Islami on the changes to the Transgender LawOUS News

ISLAMABAD: Following social media pressure on the Transgender Law, the government announced its support for the proposed amendments by Jamaat-e-Islami Senator Mushtaq Ahmad to the Transgender Law. During a press conference in Islamabad, Prime Minister of Law Nazir Tarar and Advisor to the Prime Minister for Kashmir Affairs Qamar-ul-Zaman Kaira announced their support for Senator Mushtaq Ahmed’s amendments.

The law minister said that the government did not oppose the amendment of the transgender law and that the amendment should be made. He said a quota has been maintained on employment for transgender people and amendments are being made to prevent misuse of the transgender law, which is a good effort. Transgender women were not able to get facilities in the hospital, separate rooms were made for them. They were given basic rights and separate prisons were also built for them.

Qamar-ul-Zaman Kaira said that the transgender law has not yet been changed, but it should be, amendment of the transgender law will be encouraged. He further said that Senator Mushtaq Ahmed’s proposed amendment will further improve transgender law. Therefore, we fully support Senator Mushtaq’s proposed amendment. He said that social media has become a hotbed of fake news, work is being done against the country on social media.