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The government has no intention to increase the price of petrol, so that those who buy petrol stop, says the Minister of Petroleum – Daily UsafOUS News

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ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Petroleum Mossadegh Malik has explained once again that there is no shortage of oil and diesel in the country, but some people are collecting oil for some profit, which the government will take action on. According to private TV, in response to the increasing demand and shortage of oil products in the country, Mossadegh Malik said that they are ensuring the supply of oil and gas to the people.

The country has 20 days of oil and 30 days of diesel. He warned that a few people are keeping oil products for manipulation, they will revoke the license of such people and companies, when the state takes action, then it will hold a news conference. The guards are asked to stop otherwise there will be loss. He said those who buy crude oil know that petrol and diesel will be expensive, the government has no intention of increasing the price of oil. Mossadegh Malik said that the government is taking steps to advance the economic system of this country, the people will be happy with the economic development, the government’s job is to create facilities for the people. It should be noted that pump owners in different parts of Punjab have closed petrol pumps or limited the supply of petrol in view of rising prices. Noting the shortage of oil products in Punjab, Chairman Ogra ordered the Chief Secretary to take action against such oil leaks.