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The father of the girl who married her teacher found out thanks to the ‘tittle tattle’OUS News

The FATHER of a former student who married his RE teacher and has two children revealed that he learned about their relationship through a “tittle tattle”.

Donald Reid said today that he suspected a romantic relationship with Gavin Dunsmuir after his daughter Megan found an inappropriate card and only learned the truth through a “fourth party”.

Dunsmuir, 50, is now being investigated by the General Education Council for Scotland (GTCS) for allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with the 25-year-old.

Megan and Gavin
Megan and Gavin are married and have two children together. Credit: Deadline News

He allegedly became close with Reid while working at Largs Academy in North Ayrshire in 2015.

Despite their 26-year age gap, Dunsmuir separated from his wife and lived with Reid before getting married last year, and they have two children together.

Now, GTCS is examining the couple’s relationship to decide whether to remove Dunsmuir from his teaching record.

The 62-year-old father of the former Largs Academy student testified in a signed statement: “I want to make it clear that when I look at the computer, I can’t see anything, but that I learned through a fourth party. that would be cause for concern.

“I saw two cards in his room, one for a birthday card and one for leaving school.

“He had received suitable cards from other teachers, the unsuitable card was from Mr Dunsmuir.

“She referred to him as Meg Mog. [in the card]”

Reid told GTCS that he was not informed about his daughter’s relationship with the teacher when he was interviewed by the principals at Largs Academy in 2015.

He said: “I called Heather Burns. [Largs Academy headteacher] and clarified my feelings, confirming that the teacher under investigation was allegedly having an affair with Megan.

“He said the reason I wasn’t informed because Megan was over 16 was because I felt like I was and still am Megan’s father, and it was to learn a little tattle that I thought was poor.

“I remember the phrase Megan said she was going out to dinner with Mr. Dunsmuir, thinking about why she took the time to come to Largs and see Megan.

“I thought I was close to my daughter, but when I asked her about her statement, her reaction to me was otherwise.

Megan and Gavin Dunsmuir
The couple got married in 2021. Credit: Deadline News

“When people ask about my daughter, I try not to tell them she ran off with her teacher.”

After confronting his daughter about the affair, Reid said she told him “fuck you”.

“I was offered a copy of Megan’s statement and I was accepted, raising my kids to always tell the truth, I remember Megan asking if she had ever been alone with Mr. Dunsmuir and she said no.

“Megan accused me of pretending to be someone at work – it was 9:45 p.m. tonight, she told me to fuck four times in a row and she went out the window while I was getting her house keys.”

Dunsmuir allegedly visited a bar between March and August 2015 with the then schoolgirl and other youth.

He was also accused of taking Reid to a colleague’s house and allowing his daughter to spend time with him while he was a student.

GTCS is considering whether Dunsmuir is fit to continue in the teaching profession.

Pauline Hughes, former head teacher of (WED) Largs Academy, testified yesterday: “I remember the trackpad of the door being covered with a flag.

“It was fixed on the glass. I walked into the room and it was pretty obvious that I was splitting them.

“They were sitting across the table, their heads intertwined.

“I was a little shocked or in denial.

“I just didn’t want to think it was undesirable – I was wrong, I should have been proactive and getting the little girl out of there.”

The trial continues.