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The Breightmet Tree was deemed ‘dangerous’ after the fire.OUS News

A 25-metre tree in Breightmet was deemed ‘dangerous’ after strong winds and an internal fire.

Firefighters were called to an interior tree fire earlier today on Wagon Rd, just outside Breightmet.

The tree, which was suspected to have been set on fire last night, was still burning from the inside when the teams arrived at 14.00 today.

Bolton North teams rated the tree, paired with the high wings and 25-metre height, as an unsafe and ‘dangerous structure’.

After the call, Bolton Council’s team of tree surgeons arrived to make the area safe again.

Carl Gleaves, Director of Bolton North Watch, said: “We were called to a 20 to 25-foot tree just off Waggon Rd in Breightmet at 2:00 PM.

“We were not called because of the fire, but when we arrived, we saw that the tree was burning from the inside.

“It looked like an area where fires broke out regularly, and when we got there not only was it still burning, but with the strong winds the tree was very unsafe.

“We were supposed to see it as a dangerous structure and drop the council.

“We’ve been dealing with this out there for a few hours and we’re waiting for the tree surgeon and we’re done around 4:00.”