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Suicide | Young people kill themselves by hanging themselvesOUS News

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Nagpur, A youth committed suicide by hanging himself in Kalamna police station area. The deceased was identified as Sunil Vishal Prajapati (21). Sunil studied polytechnic and worked in tire industry in MIDC.

According to the police, he had a love affair with a girl who lived in the area. Both ran away from home when the girl was young. That’s why a case of kidnapping was also registered against Sunil. What we hear is that there is a rift between Sunil and the girl. Because of this he is under stress. On Wednesday afternoon, Sunil hanged himself by hanging an electric wire on the glass of the window in his room. Relatives saw her hanging and informed the police about the incident.

Head constable Naresh Revatkar along with his team reached the spot and sent the dead body for postmortem after conducting the panchnama. There was no suicide note in the house. In questioning relationships, information about romantic relationships is found. After the incident, the girl and her family came out after locking their house. Police registered a case of accidental death and started investigation.