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Strictly Come Dancing Adds Comedian Jayde Adams to its 2022 RosterOUS News

Jayde, a longtime Strictly fan, said on Saturday: “Since I first watched the show in 2004, I feel like every step I’ve taken in my career over the past 11 years has been on Strictly.

“I can’t express the emotions I feel, it means a lot to me and my family.”

He continued: “As I perform relentlessly every weekend (to try and keep going), I’ve always watched it except for a brief hiatus in 2011. I’ve been a huge fan of the series for years. I feel like I’m watching myself in a dream and I can’t believe I’m showing it. It was torture for me to keep it inside me!”

The Bristol-born comic began his stand-up career in 2011 and made a splash in 2019 with the long-time Emmy-listed privately recorded Edinburgh show The Ballad Of Kylie Jenner’s Old Face.

In addition to starring in Channel 4’s Snackmasters and Crazy Delicious, Jayde has starred in TV series such as Good Omens and Alma’s Not Normal, and the upcoming movie Greatest Days.


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