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Shocking news | Thieves make luxury cars worth crores disappear in seconds, if they find the way, they will bite your fingerOUS News

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Image: @SaycheeseDGTL
Image: @SaycheeseDGTL

New Delhi: Driving a luxury car worth lakhs is everyone’s wish. To bring this one that people work hard for years and then buy the vehicles they want. But what if someone takes your annual earnings in a jiffy? Actually, this time a video of a robbery has gone viral on social media. In which the person stole all the cars in plain sight.

In this video that is going viral, you can see that many luxury cars are parked in a showroom. Where the group of thieves has arrived. First, they changed the number of models of luxury cars. After that, they used to ride the storm from there with the ships. According to information, this event is from America.

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Stealing cars include Dodge Challenger Hellcat sports cars. Which is in high demand. Which is one of the most expensive cars in the world. Its cost is around 80 lakh rupees. Much to his dismay the company was not able to provide as per the demand.

Somehow these cars are arranged. Which is now stolen before delivery. Social media users were shocked to see this dangerous theft video and they gave different reactions on it.