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Shinde-Fadnavis is deliberately throwing a political eye on Maharashtra’s cabinet expansion!OUS News

Shinde is said to have promised to make all the rebels who come with him ministers, so he will obviously be angry if more than half are left without a ministerial seat.

Eknath Shinde and Devendra Fadnavis
Eknath Shinde and Devendra Fadnavis
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Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde was set to visit Delhi last week. The problem was what the Maharashtra government office should look like! But his deputy chief minister, Devendra Fadnavis, fell ill and Shinde had to cancel his visit, saying he would only go to Delhi after he recovered.

Just on Thursday, Devendra Fadnavis boarded a flight to Delhi and was said to be finishing the cabinet, but this time Shinde was not with him and Shinde was reported to be sick. After that, Shinde was not seen at public events. He was told by him that in a few days he will be healthy. But the National Herald found Shinde to be perfectly healthy. Not only that, they were also receiving guests from outside. He may have taken advantage of Fadnavis being in town to meet foreign guests without a deputy, as Fadnavis often takes all the focus off the public stage.

In the same week, the President of the Maldives, Ibrahim Muhammad Saleh, came to Mumbai. When Saleh went to Raj Bhavan, Fadnavis received him and Shinde was absent, as per tradition and protocol the Chief Minister should have been there. It should be noted that there have been several occasions on public stages or events where Fadnavis has pushed Shinde aside and tried to show that he is not competent. Many times Shinde was also clearly seen trying to finish off Jhenep. But political analysts are of the opinion that the tension between the two is part of a policy to keep the rebels in a state of misunderstanding.

This is also because they want to create unrest among the rebels. The reason is that they are two by four of the triangular situation between Shinde and Udhu. There are reports that some people from the Shinde group have sent messages to Uddhav Thackeray saying that they are with Shinde only because they are afraid of ED. And they will come back with them as soon as the situation improves. So it is to be believed that those who sent messages to Uddhav Thackeray will return to Thackeray’s tent if they do not get a seat in the cabinet! This is likely the reason why the Shinde-Fadnavis government cabinet is not being formed and both are playing a flashy eye with each other. In addition, under this pretext, they are also buying time for the Supreme Court’s decision, and that decision is expected to come out on Monday.

However, no one was surprised when Fadnavis returned to Mumbai on Friday without finalizing the cabinet list. All that was definitively revealed was that there would be a case expansion in the 40-60 ratio. Although it has not been revealed who will be 60 and who will be 40, but as the total number of seats in the Assembly of Maharashtra is 288, it is decided that only 42 ministers can be made. The BJP currently has 105 MLAs of its own and the Shinde group claims more than 40. In such a situation, it appears that about 25 cabinet seats will be given to the BJP and about 15 seats to the Shinde group.

Shinde is said to have promised to make all the rebels who came with him ministers, and if more than half were left without the minister’s chair, he would obviously be angry. To avoid the same situation, Shinde-Fadnavis is confusing the issue. And no one was surprised by Shinde Group spokesman Deepak Kesarkar’s statement that the Cabinet would be extended until Sunday ahead of a possible Supreme Court ruling on Monday. Meanwhile, senior BJP leader Sudhir Manangatiwar, near Fadnavis, said he did not know when the cabinet expansion would take place, but it would have to happen before Aug. districts. Be present at the Platinum Mountain Independence Ceremony.

After all this came to light, several MLAs rushed to Shinde’s house but found no one and were told that Saheb was not well and was resting. However, Shinde is getting along well with people who at least don’t mention the cabinet expansion. Considering all these conditions and upheavals, it cannot be said that the situation is out of control, but it cannot be said that all is well in Maharashtra.

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