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Shahbaz Sharif’s hand was not on people’s wristsOUS News

Dostoevsky’s famous novel Crime and Punishment was about a lone murderer. However, the Pakistani thinker believes that forgiveness of an individual act is possible under certain circumstances, but God will never forgive social crimes. This is understandable because the effects are more devastating. And so many catastrophes are responsible for some people sitting on top, but their consequences must be borne only by the common man who is not even a participant in the crime. Over time, it was understood that crimes committed within society are not only punished by those responsible. More importantly, if the people do not fight against the mistakes of the rulers, they are also considered an accomplice. So what happens after death, time will decide, but it is also our responsibility to hang the enemies of the people from the tallest trees. This is not always possible, but many times in history there has been accountability for crimes against humanity in this world as well.

The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan was the decision of Brezhnev and some of his colleagues who ignored warnings from the Russian military and intelligence. He died a natural death, but his actions resulted in the fall of an empire. And if you blame Russia’s style of government, where free speech was not tolerated at any cost, the world’s worst democracy repeated the exact same mistake. The post-911 US invasion of Afghanistan may have been widely applauded at home and abroad, but even so there were voices that suggested caution. However, it took two decades for the world’s only superpower to shut down a project that was clearly futile from day one and only served the interests of a few big capitalists. And since the architects of this colossal disaster have not been convicted, much less charged, they will continue to wreak havoc.

As a result of the Ukraine crisis, it is now Europe’s turn to stand at the feet of the ‘elder brother’ who has enjoyed peace and prosperity for decades, while America is killing the children of the world’s poor. destiny. In Pakistan we did worse than that. This group of four was assigned the top posts that plunged the country into Kargil, without any consultation with the most important actors, who were later automatically dragged into the conflict. Any punishments they receive on Judgment Day or in history will not atone for the lives of those who were victims of it, nor will they compensate for the loss their actions have caused Kashmir. And on this front, India will always be in a state of war. The blood flowing in Kashmir will continue to flow and water the plains of India because of Delhi’s inhuman policies.

Here too, decisions made out of foolishness or selfishness are to be punished here.

There was a lot of discussion about the right and wrong of the change of government in Pakistan earlier this year. But what happened immediately after that was surprising even to our political experts. The overwhelming public support that emerged for Imran Khan was later attributed to the public’s compulsion to choose one of three evils. Of course, given our history, this justification seems valid – and it could also be the individual choice of a person who may not have a justification. Many analysts still cannot understand how the people who had generally opposed Imran Khan during his four-year rule suddenly went out of their way to support him. His assessment seems logical that these ‘rebels’ were drawn to Imran Khan’s establishment and the US anti-colonialist narrative (and by Khudara rebels does not mean revolutionaries here).

In such a situation, the new government that came to power in Islamabad was facing great challenges, it should have walked in the same direction when noticing the mood of the public. But I don’t know who advised Sharif’s government that it is better for his health to appear more loyal to the army and the US than Imran Khan in such a situation. On the other hand, Imran Khan was presenting himself as the representative of the other two A’s, that is, Allah and the people. Even the blind could see that it was not only necessary, but possible, to show sympathy for the people while fulfilling the demands of worldly powers. Instead, Shahbaz Sharif should have remembered that speech that made his brother a public leader in one day. On April 17, 1993, Nawaz Sharif said in his speech that ‘I will not dictate’ and that speech may have caused him temporary difficulties, but in retrospect, his advantages were more than his disadvantages.

Strategic depth and strategic deterrence are considered canonical concepts in geopolitics, but they have become discredited in the public eye due to their association with unpopular concepts. Although those who follow them have achieved many benefits for themselves and their country. Germany did not emerge as an economic power because of the Marshall Plan, but because of the policies of Erhard, its first finance minister, after World War II it became a powerful economy that ignored the orders of the three occupying powers. And Pakistan would not have become a nuclear power if its civilian and military leadership under the leadership of Ghulam Ishaq Khan had not refused to obey the orders given by the world at a very critical point in our history.

Shahbaz Sharif’s biggest mistake was therefore that he failed to read people’s pulses at one of the most important moments in history. People were fed up with the rule of the establishment and had come out of their tribal mindset. Imagining at such a moment that they would blindly accept the new ruler’s son as ruler of Punjab was not just the height of stupidity, it was like moving in the opposite direction of history.

As always, there is good news in these bad times. All leaders must beware of the influence of public opinion. It is a public flood, and if not handled wisely, it will sweep away everything and lead people to their true position. And since, like another power you are absorbed in trying to please, you are obsessed with power yourself, you are unable to understand this warning. For your information, the next public rally also wants to come.

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