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sex racket | Sex racket was running under the guise of a spa, Delight Salon operator arrestedOUS News

The sex racket was working under the guise of a spa in Gurugram, Haryana, the police arrested three people
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Nagpur, The Criminal Branch Social Security Department raided the sex business that was going on under the guise of a spa salon under the Bajajnagar police station. Police arrested one salon operator while the other escaped. The arrested defendant was said as Ranjit Ramesh Haldar (41). He is originally from Bardwan, Bengal. He runs Delight Unisex Salon & Spa on the route from Mate Chowk to Laxminagar. Mumbai resident Goranga Santosh Biswas (45) is also charged in this room.

The Department of Social Security had received information that a sex scam was being organized under the guise of a spa at Delight Salon. Here women are hired for the spa and asked to seduce clients. Based on the information, the police prepared a gambling client and sent him to the salon. The girl was treated under the guise of the spa.

The gambler immediately informed the police and the search was carried out. The police arrested Ranjit and took away 3 women, of which 2 are married. He was drawn into the meat trade with the lure of money. Salon partner Gorang also runs a salon in Mumbai. The police suspect that the defendants organize sex businesses in different cities under the guise of spa salons. A case was registered against both of them at the Bajajnagar Police Station under the PITA Act. The police are looking for Gorang.

Under the direction of DCP Chinmoy Pandit, Inspector Nanda Mangte, API Santosh Jadhav, Police Chief Anil Ambade, Rashid Sheikh, Bhushan Jhade, Laxman Chaure, Manish Ramteke, Reena Jaurkar, Sudhir Tiwari and Ashwin Mange carried out the action.

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