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Saran poison liquor scandal 13 people died in chapra maker and bheldi saran snmOUS News

Illegal drinking: The number of people who died due to consumption of poisonous drink in Makar and Bhildi of Saran district is increasing and now the number has reached 13. Although the administration has officially confirmed the death of 11 people so far. There, more than 10 people are still hospitalized. After the autopsy of the corpses, the Saran district administration handed over about 6 corpses to the next of kin for last rites.

As soon as these corpses arrived at the village, there was chaos and the whole environment was sad due to the crying of the family members. In the village where there are screams everywhere, people try to comfort each other. So far, about half of the 6 corpses were sent to the village and their last rites were also performed. Preparations were made for the last rites of the rest of the bodies in the Nonya Toli village of Phulwaria Panchayat of Makar block.

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Also in Chapra, a young man was found drunk in Daulatganj Mahalla from the Bhagwan Bazar police station, who was admitted to hospital. The youth’s condition is considered critical. Meanwhile, Saran SP Santosh Kumar said the maker Thanidar Neeraj Kumar Mishra and the lookout were suspended with immediate effect. While Kishori Chaudhary was made the new SHO of Maker.

Let it be known that the raids are being conducted after the alcohol scandal and more than 100 people have been arrested so far. A large amount of alcohol was also recovered. Talking about Chapra, there have been over 50 alcohol-related deaths in the last 12 months. Many of these deaths are not under management’s control. After the alcohol scam incident at Chapra’s Makkar, the Nitish government’s claim about the prohibition law is being questioned.

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