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Robust and Hollinrake provide watchful supportOUS News

TORY MPS in the region supports fracking, but only if it has local support.

York Outer MP Julian Sturdee says he will repeat this when he takes part in the gathering in Downing Street tonight.

Mr. Sturdee says he has held meetings on the issue, met with councilors and others, and addressed voters.

Prime Minister Liz Truss has also repeatedly said that fracking will only take place in areas with local support.

He added: “I have submitted parliamentary written questions and written a letter to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to seek further information on how local consent will be assessed and to record previous objections by Yorkers to fracking.

York Press: Julian Sturdy MP
Julian Sturdy MP

“It is very important that local people are at the center of local solutions. It has become clear to me from my mailbox and conversations with constituents over the years that fracking had no local support prior to the moratorium, and if this remains the case now, I will not support any bid for local fracking venues in York Outer. ”

Similarly, Thirsk and Malton MP Kevin Hollinrake welcomed the move to hydraulic fracturing if it is safe and supported by local residents.

He told the press: “I am very supportive of renewable energy and reduce our dependence on fossil fuel imports. I also previously talked about the need to insulate more homes in order to reach our zero target at the lowest possible cost.

“However, gas will remain part of our energy mix for several decades, especially when combined with carbon capture and storage technologies. I always prefer domestic production to imports, especially given the higher carbon footprint of imported gas. Therefore, I support the expansion of gas exploration in the North Sea and on land where it is safe to do so.

“Even if it is proven to be safe, it will be several years before shale gas exploration becomes a significant contribution to our needs due to the required number of well pads and wells.

York Press: Kevin Hollinreik MP Kevin Hollinreik MP

“As I have always said, there should be strict restrictions on development to protect communities and the countryside, and local residents should feel the direct benefit of cash in their pockets to compensate them for the inconvenience they may experience due to increased traffic.”

He added: “I welcome the government’s position that development should only take place with the appropriate consent of the local community.”

However, York Central MP Rachel Maskell strongly disagreed.

She told the press: “Fracking will not reduce the cost of our energy, in short, it may be marketed as a solution to all of our current economic problems, but it will be driven by commercial interests, generating huge profits for the few at the expense of all of us, and of course, it will cause incredible damage to our environment. This will lead to the UK being tied to fossil fuels and therefore more pollution for the next generation.”

In contrast, Lorraine Allanson, who came to prominence as the founder of FORGE: Friends of Ryedale Gas Exploration, strongly welcomed the fracking decision.

Lorraine tweeted today that she supported business secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg, who said in Parliament that Vladimir Putin was transferring money to anti-fracking campaigners in the UK.

York Press: Lorraine AllansonLorraine Allanson

She told the press: “As soon as the Liz Trust lifted the moratorium, the anti-fracking movement immediately came out with the usual misleading information. They have no hard evidence to support their claims and they do not understand British law.

“Our spineless politicians who pander to a very articulate minority would do well to remember that fuel poverty is ruining lives. People don’t vote for poverty, they vote for prosperity.

“Until now, the green revolution has been a very costly disaster in providing cheap, plentiful and reliable energy. We can have quiet weeks and live in one of the darkest countries in the world. This means we need a complete back-up system and gas is ideal as it can be put into production quickly.

“Renewables aren’t advertised as cheap when you have to consider the need for a back-up system. Nothing is cheap if it’s not available when you need it.”