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Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin recently announced the mobilization of three lakh reserve troops in Russia. The citizens of Russia have been scared after this announcement. In fact, following the Russian president’s announcement, the government has claimed that some 10,000 people have come forward to join the army of their own free will. On the other hand, news has been received that many citizens of Russia have started to leave their country.

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Recently a video is going viral on social media. In this video Russian citizens prepare to leave their country. So that they are not called to join the army. President Putin announced a mobilization of 300,000 troops as Russia prepares to annex four parts of Ukraine. To do this, Russia is going to start a referendum in these areas starting on Friday. People residing in these areas will be able to cast their vote between September 23 and 27. This referendum will determine whether these regions will become an integral part of Russia.

Russian officials gave this information. The referendum is somewhat supported by Russia and has been condemned by Ukraine and Western countries in the past as “blank rhetoric”. It is seen as a move by Russia to annex the region. The vote has been in Lugansk, in part Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhya and in the Donetsk region.

At the same time, voting is expected to start in Kherson on Friday morning. Russia also has full control of this region. A vote is being held to determine whether people want these areas to be included in Russia or not and the results are believed to be in favor of Russia. This would give Russia an opportunity to claim that attempts by Ukrainian forces to recapture territory were in fact attacks against Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin partially deployed 300,000 ‘reservists’ (reserve troops) before the referendum. .


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