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Quebec Liberals to field full list of candidates on Election Day after court rulingOUS News

The Supreme Court of Quebec overturned the decision of the Chief Electoral Commissioner, allowing Québec Liberal Party (PLQ) candidate Harley Launsbury to be on the ballot on election day in the district of Mataney-Matapedia in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region.

Judge Clement Samson ruled on Wednesday evening. The order states that the court “orders the returning staff member of the Matane-Matapedia constituency to issue a notice of eligibility for Mr. Lounsbury’s candidacy.”

Following the decision, Liberal leader Dominique Anglade quickly tweeted that she was “happy with the decision”.

“We actually submitted 125 relevant applications. This is a great victory for democracy,” she said.

Samson’s 14-page decision showed that the reason returning officer Jeannot Michaud rejected the Liberals candidacy for riding was based on the absence of signatures and initials in two very specific fields on official documents.

Faced with this excuse for refusal, the PLQ and its candidate argued that “the need for a representative who recruits voters […] to put your signature twice and, in addition, your initials, is not provided for by law.

Samson sided with the plaintiffs and determined that the rejection of Lounsbury’s candidacy “on the ground that three of his agents failed to sign the declaration of candidacy” was unreasonable.