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Prince Archie, Princess Lilibet: Royal titles for Harry, Meghan’s children confirmedOUS News

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The children of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan will be known as prince and princess, with the couple publicly using their daughter’s royal title for the first time to announce that she has been christened.

Under royal rules, the royal’s children can become princes or princesses of the kingdom, meaning that Harry’s children, Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1, have the right to use the titles since their father’s birth. they became king last September.

“I can confirm that Princess Lilibet Diana was baptized on Friday, March 3, by the Archbishop of Los Angeles, Rev. John Taylor,” a spokesman for the couple said Wednesday.

Buckingham Palace said it would update the royal website to reflect the titles Archie and Lilibet “in due course.”

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It was not known until Wednesday whether the couple, who stepped down from royal duties in March 2020 and now live in California, would want their children to be called prince and princess.

Meghan said in an interview two years ago that the royal family refused to make her son Archie a prince and they had conversations about how dark his skin could be.

The titles are in line with a precedent created by letters patent issued by George V in 1917 which granted the title of prince or princess to male line descendants of the monarch.

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The purchase of Harry’s children’s titles comes amid reports of Harry’s strained relationship with his father King Charles and brother Prince William following the release of his memoir earlier this year and a historical series last year, in which he accused a royal family. .

It is not known if Harry will attend his father’s wedding in June.