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Police suspect 3 women have been drugged at Sudbury City establishmentsOUS News

Three women in Sudbury, Ont., were sent to hospital after experiencing symptoms associated with drugs while at various downtown establishments on Saturday, Sept. 17, police said.

“At this time, we do not have a definitive location where incidents could arise, although we feel it is extremely important to share this information with our community,” the Greater Sudbury Police Service said in a press release.

Sudbury Police spokeswoman Kaitlyn Dunn said she believed more women may have been drugged that evening.

Police said detectives along with the major crime section are probing the incidents. They have asked anyone who suspects they have been drugged, or has knowledge of an incident, to contact crime stoppers.

Common symptoms associated with intoxication;

  • feeling or acting intoxicated despite having limited alcohol
  • feeling confused or disoriented
  • lose consciousness
  • unable to remember the details of the night
  • Problems talking and abusing
  • trouble controlling your muscles
  • nausea and vomiting

In June Cassandra Trudell shared her story of how she was drugged at the city’s Sudbury nightclub.

“In Greater Sudbury and Ontario, domestic sex trafficking is very common,” Greater Sudbury Police said in an email to CBC News at the time.

“Our officers work round the clock to help victims escape these violent crimes and bring perpetrators to justice.”