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Pension | Retired Railroad Worker Faces Pension Loss, Mental Torture Allegation on Behalf of Punishment CaseOUS News

The Delhi government has asked officials to settle pending pension claims by the end of June.

Nagpur. Railwayman KD Tidke, who retired in 2005 as Yard Station Master at Majri Junction in Nagpur Central Railways Division, blamed the Division Management for his financial loss. Tidke alleges that previously, in the name of the punishment case, management did not give her a raise. Today, he is losing around Rs 2,000 in pension every month. In the current situation, there has been a loss of around Rs 2 lakh.

Retirement in October, Punishment in November

Tidke said he was also the Division Secretary of the All India Station Teachers Association in Nagpur Division. Due to his association with the syndicate, two investigations were placed on him. However, in both cases, he had firmly presented my position through adequate explanation and written paperwork. Meanwhile, the 5th Pay Commission came into effect, and based on the basics, my salary became Rs 7,775. I retired on October 31, 2005 but was sanctioned after 1 month on November 30, 2005. Because of this I was denied 6th and 7th payment commission benefits. My final salary has been shown as Rs 7,775 only, whereas according to the rules it should be Rs 8,100. So now I get paid a basic pension of Rs 24,500 when it should be Rs 26,000.

Justice has not been done for 10 years

Tidke alleged that she found out in 2012 that she was not being given the pension to which she was entitled. For the past 10 years, he has advocated in front of all the officers involved, but no justice has been received. He filed a case at Adalat Pension this year. When questioning NS Division Senior Personnel Manager Qazi, the officers involved told him that it was a case of punishment. Surprisingly, first after my retirement, I was given a punishment. Then it took 10 years for board management to say this.

Gadkari pleaded

Tidke also filed a written complaint with Union Minister Nitin Gadkari. From where the General Directorate of Central Railways was instructed to act in said matter according to the regulations. In a letter sent by the Gadkari office to General Manager Anil Kumar Lahoti, it was said that action should be taken based on proper guidelines and verification in relation to the allegation of harassment by the Personnel Department officials for part of retired railroad employee KD Tidke. .

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