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New Delhi: Pakistani woman Sana has become a headache for investigative agencies. India. This is the second time in three years that he has been arrested at the Nepal border. He has been questioned by five companies so far, but has not said the reason for coming to India or the manner of places he visited in India. What is the Pakistani woman trying to hide? Why is India again and again? Nepal is taking the border route, intelligence agencies are investigating it.

The identity of the woman arrested from the Nepal border in Bihar’s Kishanganj continues to be an unsolved puzzle for the Bihar police and central intelligence and security agencies. It is not known whether he is from Pakistan or America. He is always giving different answers to questions. The secret agency is highly suspicious that she gave her two names Farida Malik and Sana Akhtar. He describes himself as a Pakistani American, but it is hard to believe his words.

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There are many questions about the Indian woman named Sana or Farida. They are raising doubts about connecting through Nepal route. This is his second arrest in three years. Who helped him create the fake documents that were recovered from him? By which way did you reach Kishanganj on the Indo-Nepal border? At present, officials of Bihar Police, Sushatar Seemabul, IB, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ED are questioning this woman. There are some things, due to which the suspicion of investigative agencies has increased after the arrest of this Pakistani woman.

Kishanganj district of Bihar is very sensitive from the point of view of national security. Kishanganj is a sensitive area especially because of its proximity to the international border. Kishanganj district has a long distance border with Nepal and Bangladesh. After the arrest of a Pakistani woman who was entering Nepal on November 1, the ears of the secret department were perked up.

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