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Notice to Arsalan Naseer fans – Jornal Sama DiárioOUS News

Arsalan Naseer wrote in a message on Twitter that ‘The girl is exposing the boy, the boy’s friends are exposing the girl, the wife is exposing the husband, the husband’s friend is exposing the wife and we are all sitting around having fun.

Arsalan Naseer asked in his message to ‘keep the veils of others so that Allah may keep your veils.

On the other hand, the message shared by Ifat Umar is also making the rounds on various social media pages in which the senior actress fully supported the actor’s wife Feroze Khan and Aliza in the divorce issue.

Ifat Umar wrote in an ongoing social media message that “I am completely with Feroze’s wife (Aliza), I have worked with Feroze Khan so I can easily imagine the abuse.”

It should be remembered that Feroze Khan and Aliza divorced after 4 years of marriage, which was confirmed by both.