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Not sending a FIR copy to court within 24 hours is a serious matter, measures will be taken – DGPOUS News

It is mandatory to update daily in the online portal as soon as the FIR, pending status until 8-10

>> There are many opportunities to counter FIR, he is injured, but he is forced to give in

रवीश कुमार मणि

Patna (No. A.) Bihar DGP Sanjeev Kumar Singhal is working day and night to implement the proper policing system. Along with the review, guidelines are given every month from the police headquarters level, but the situation of the SP, district DSP is something like “Dhritarashtra” and the police station in the role of “Sanjay” who says that the report is sent from the district to the police headquarters without Tested and sent. Some case of this type reached the DGP that the copy of the “FIR Manual” did not reach the corresponding court even in a week. Hearing this, the DGP became serious. How can this happen? Within 24 hours, the copy of the FIR must be sent to the court. Daily updates on CCTNS will also be made. There is an online FIR system in Bihar. The State Crime Bureau Records DIG was immediately called and asked how this was happening. How is the copy of FIR pending? When many Patna district police stations were checked online, they were left pending. The situation in other districts was also similar. DGP SK Singhal ordered the State Crime Bureau Records DIG to rectify it as soon as possible and report to the relevant police station how such gross negligence is happening. The big question arises that when the copy of the FIR manual reaches the court in 6-7 days instead of 24 hours, then for so many days the police station diary is pending. If the reception record of Behavioral Court Patna Sadar, Danapur, Patna City is checked, the FIR registered from August 8 to 10, 2022 arrives at the court from August 16 to 18, 2022. The living example and evidence of it, the reception of the judicial worker and the scene (signature) in the FIR copy of the judicial magistrate and the judge, exposes the negligence of the police station.

Problems to present advance bail, violation of human rights

Lawyer Sanjeev Kumar from the Patna Conduct Court said that it is often seen that the FIR at the police station is held on the 1st and 2nd of the month and the copy of the FIR does not reach the court within 24 hours. When the copy of the FIR certificate is presented, it is written on the chirkoot and the court staff tells you that the copy of the FIR has not yet arrived from the police station. Therefore, a copy of the certificate cannot be given. Due to this, the advance bond request is not submitted on time. Which is a violation of human rights.

Online FIR system is applicable

For the convenience of the common people in the digital age, the online FIR system is implemented in Bihar. Although it may seem strange to you to hear that if you lose your mobile, you have to declare and declare at the police station so that they can register your Sanha. But the truth is that if you are aware, there is actually an FIR online and it is also updated on the CCTNS portal. However, it takes 8-10 days to update the copy of the FIR manual on the portal. While the station manager is posted on the portal for the FIR update.