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NB colleges set to attract future studentsOUS News

It was a busy weekend for future students in the Moncton, NB, area as two different local colleges opened their doors on Saturday.

Olton College, a private college in the city, held its open house from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., giving potential future students a chance to find out and see what classes and events would look like.

“Our faculty are here, our students are here and we get the opportunity to see all the exciting faces who look forward to coming back to post-secondary education,” said Olton College President Darcy Reedpath. “At this open house, we expect there will be a lot of activities, some good food and a lot of faculty who will demonstrate what is exciting about their program.”

Overall, Readpath says enrollment at Olton College is on the rise and is an inclusive place for all.

“We are approaching that 1,000 mark for the number of students,” she said. “It has been an exciting year as we have seen our first group of international students, we have almost 100 international students who have been absolutely fantastic for the dynamic and culture in the college.”

As the world continues to find a new normal after COVID-19, she says college is now mainly back to in-class lessons and labs, but there are still some classes that adapt to a hybrid teaching method. Huh.

“Trends… health sciences are always very important here, cyber security, the dental industry is booming,” he said, adding that the practical nursing program is also very popular and the college is currently looking for bachelor of science and nursing program.

On Saturday, students in the area could also visit New Brunswick Community College (NBCC), where open houses were held at six of its campus locations.

“Students are coming in and they are getting learning experiences, there are also learning experiences and [then] They are essentially job-ready,” said Sean Ethier, director of enrollment management at NBCC. “They come here for one, two, three years and we see they cross the stage and land a job almost immediately.”

It was the first in-person open house in two years and brought out a large number of potential students.

“Last year we hit a record enrollment and we are still finalizing our enrollment data for this fall,” he said. “Things are looking really great.”

He says that there are a variety of programs available and there are many that seem to be popular among future students right now.

“Some of our most popular programs are anything under health science, which is very popular, business, business,” he said. “We now have a large number of international students at NBCC, almost one in three students from outside Canada.”

More information can be found on each school’s website.