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Nawaz Sharif filed a request against the adOUS News

(Monitoring Desk) Former Prime Minister and Muslim League leader (N) Nawaz Sharif filed a petition with the Lahore Court of Accountability against the announcement declaration in the allotment case.

In the petition filed by Nawaz Sharif, it was argued that under the amendment act, the NAB does not have the authority to act in a case worth less than 50 kadar, while in the reference filed against me, an allegation of corruption of 13 kadar kadar was done, the court found 3 defendants. It has already ordered the acquittal of Nawaz Sharif, while the court declared Nawaz Sharif an advertiser and ordered the confiscation of the property.

In the petition, the court is asked to close the case against Nawaz Sharif under the amendment act and order the court to return the petitioner’s seized assets and acquit him of the action.