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Nagpur Massacre | Maharashtra: Shakeel’s husband killed wife by beating her with a hammer in NagpurOUS News

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Maharashtra: Where yesterday, on the fifth day of the third month, International Women’s Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm for the honor of women all over the world. What happened to a woman in Nagpur, Maharashtra is heart wrenching. Yes, murder cases are increasing day by day in Nagpur, in such a situation, other news related to murder have come to the fore, in fact, due to doubt on the character of the wife, the husband killed her. Let’s find out what all the talk is…

attention in the city

Let us tell you that this shocking incident happened in Nagpur’s Minimata Nagar, which comes under Kalamna police area of ​​the city. The woman who has been killed is Latika Bhardwaj. The name of the accused husband is Amar Bhardwaj. This event has spread widely in the city.

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Shakeela is the husband

Actually more information about this incident is that the couple Amar and Latika Bhardwaj are living in Minimata Nagar, Nagpur for some time. Amar runs a school while the deceased Latika works in a hotel. He has two daughters. Amar is suspicious. He always doubted his wife. A lot of times there are heated arguments between them about this issue. When the dispute escalated, both of them were living separately in the same house.

When a young man comes home…

According to the information received, a young man had come to the house of the accused Latika for a job. Amar opposes it. Amar and Latika have a heated argument about this. The fight escalated to the point that Amar called Latika inside the house and had a heated argument with her and also hit her on the head with a hammer. Latika was seriously injured in this incident. He died at home. The police informed about the incident, and the police have reached the place. The incident has created confusion in the area, and the police said that an investigation is underway.