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My religion does not allow me to participate in the war of non-Muslims, how much did Muhammad Ali Clay pay for these words? – Daily AusafOUS News

New York (Monitoring Desk) We often see news that the non-Muslim world is Islam

I went in and most of the time when we hear the news we envy the person’s fortune for a few moments and then move on. But for a non-Muslim to accept Islam, his life changes completely. He adopts a new identity and on that occasion has to face a severe reaction which is not easy and if a person is also of international fame then his decision to accept Islam is even more difficult. Perhaps. Cashis Clay of the United States was a black American boxer who also won a gold medal at the 1960 Olympics for the United States. It was a time in American society when blacks across the country were raising their voices for their rights and being treated as second-class citizens by whites — which is why, despite winning a gold medal, Cashes Clay was not of any type. With no official encouragement, even once when Cashiers-Clay went to eat with his friends at a restaurant, Antamiya even stopped him and his friends from entering because they were black. The heart gave up and he threw his gold medal in the river and started to take out his inner rage in boxing and started to worry about society’s imbalance and discrimination based on color. World Heavy The year of becoming the heavyweight champion was the year of Kashi’s Clay’s rise in fame and popularity, but in the same year, the announcement of his acceptance of Islam further increased his fame. And he also announced the adoption of the name Muhammad Ali Clay – now a boxer, as well as an example to those in the Western world who have been discriminated against on the basis of color. Muhammad Ali’s life Now that the developed country has suffered from dual problems, on the one hand they were faced with previous discrimination for being black, and now for accepting Islam, the problems started to increase for them. In 1966, when the United States and Vietnam When the war started, every American citizen was forced to participate in the war, but they refused to participate in this war. They said my religion doesn’t allow it. If he wanted me to participate in a war that is not allowed in Islam, he also said that it is not allowed in Islam to participate in the war of non-Muslims. It was intolerable for the American government that a black neo-Muslim would refuse to carry out its order, which resulted in the harshest reaction he faced – all the awards and honors he had won were taken away from him. he was formally convicted and fined, after which Muhammad Ali began a long legal battle against government actions in Clay that lasted nearly four years. Four years later, the court not only recognized Muhammad Ali Clay’s principled stance, but all charges against him were also dropped. After that, Muhammad Ali Clay was allowed to play in the boxing ring again. After that, after four years, they won great battles. In June 2016, Muhammad Ali died of a paroxysmal disease – but he is one of only nine Muslims in the world who have achieved worldwide fame.

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