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Murder | Elderly Man Killed in Food Dispute, Food Money Needed, Defendant ArrestedOUS News

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Nagpur. In a dispute over lentils and rice while eating, the defendant killed a 75-year-old man. The name of the deceased was Arvindrao Barsade. However, the Wadi Police, while resolving the matter, arrested the accused resident of Wardha Devrao alias Vasudev Rameshrao Baraskar (38). The defendant is a laborer and has lived on the sidewalk outside the Wadi facility for the past two years.

According to the information, Devrat and Arvindrao have known each other for about 2 months. 3 days ago, Arvindrao lent Devrao 40 rupees to buy liquor, while Devrao bought vegetables and rice with his 50 rupees. After drinking alcohol, when both of them were eating, a dispute started between them. Devrao told Arvind that you ate more and gave me less lentils and rice. After this, in anger, he stunned Arvind by hitting him over the head with a stick. Arvind died due to serious injuries. Terrified, Devrao fled from there. After some time, people saw Arvind’s body and reported it to the police.

Scanned more than 26 CCTV images

The policemen who arrived at the scene understood at first glance that it was a murder. In search of the murderer, the recordings of more than 26 closed-circuit television cameras installed throughout the premises were scanned. In a recording, Devrao appeared as a suspicious person some distance from the scene. Suspecting him, the police began looking for him. Finally, on Friday, Devrao was arrested at the Sitabardi complex. He at first denied killing Arvind, but after adopting the police method, he confessed to the crime. The police registered a murder case on the complaint of Arvind’s son.

The elderly did not live with the family.

Arvind’s son told police he was living with beggars who wandered the road after being separated from the family for the past two years. If he had any work, he would have done it, otherwise he would have been lying on the road. The family took him home several times, but he used to stay on the sidewalk some days. He had returned from his house the day he was killed.