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Moazzam Khan is rapidly gaining fame with sophisticated bridal wear with a classic outlookOUS News

Top Pakistani designer Moazzam Khan was a creative guru
behind the “Rizwan Moazzam” label; More than a thousand craftsmen
& artisans support their families through its institution

DFT report

KARACHI: Pakistan is the 8th largest exporter of textile products in Asia. It is the 4th producer and the 3rd consumer of cotton. It comprises 46% of the total manufacturing sector and employs 40% of the total labor force. 5% of all textile companies are listed on the stock exchange. There are 423 textile industries working in the country. Pakistan has a supply base for almost all man-made and natural yarns and fabrics including cotton, rayon and others. This abundance of raw materials is a great advantage for Pakistan due to its beneficial impact on operational cost and time.
Over the past decades, Pakistani clothing designers have created unique and modern clothing designs using their intelligence and boosted the positive image of Pakistan nationally and internationally. One of them is Moazzam Khan who has gained a prominent position in this industry in a very short time due to his incredible experience, skills and beliefs. Today, the clothes he designed have gained national and international fame.
With nearly three decades of experience under his belt, Moazzam Khan is a well-known and reputable name among the fashion fraternity. Working in collaboration since 1993, Moazzam Khan was the Creative-Guru behind the “Rizwan Moazzam” label. He separates in 2017 in order to follow his passion and give more room to his aesthetic sense to experiment and play.
Moazzam Khan’s main focus has been wedding dresses. From concept to actualization of the dress itself, he is actively involved in every step to ensure the dress turns out exactly as he envisioned it.
Khan relates that “Fashion design is one of the sensitive arts of applying design, aesthetics, garment construction and natural beauty to garments and their accessories. It is influenced by culture and different trends, and has varied over time and space. Clothing design means creating modern clothing by improving or modifying existing designs to perform new functions. The garment design task is to select style, color and materials to meet specified functional requirements. A highly functional and dedicated team is essential to do all of this.”
Moazzam Khan leads a large team of around 2000 craftsmen. These hand embroiderers who belong to different regions of the country are experts in their art. Moazzam considers them an important pillar of their organization and strives to ensure their well-being. Particular attention is also paid to their training to keep them in step with the demands of modern fashion.
Over the years, Khan realized that over the timeline of his career, many skilled craftsmen and artisans burned the midnight oil to bring his designs to life. These artisans who came to him with little, no training or experience have honed their skills over the years and are now masters of their craft. Yet they could not alleviate the poverty and improvised statuses of their families. Mainly from rural backgrounds, their goal has been to earn a living to support their families back home, some of whom lack even the most basic necessities of life.
Keeping these factors in mind, Moazzam Khan worked tirelessly with his team to establish a body that would not only look after the interests of these artisans, but also take measured and effective measures to ensure that they are able to improve the lives of their families. conditions.
“The mission is not just to provide jobs, but also to add value to lives. These artisans work on various elements of the designer’s designs depending on their forte, all are handcrafted and embellished, ensuring that each garment is handled with the utmost care and love. Every stitch is the result of hard work dedication.
“Our main objective has been to improve the existing skills of these artisans by providing them with on-the-job training while allowing them to work at the same time to earn a living. They receive formal guidance from their supervisors and colleagues and receive tips and tricks to further improve their craft. We have also realized that these artisans must have all the necessary skills to find suitable work elsewhere if they decide to move/settle elsewhere, in order to be closer to their families, since most do not have the ways to bring their families to urban towns due to financial constraints. This is executed with the idea of ​​making it easy for these artisans to gain gainful employment in the fashion industry, as skilled artisans are always in demand. We care, respect and adore all who are sincerely associated with us in any form on our meaningful journey. Instead of business, we care about humanity,” Moazzam Khan told TFD.