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Mangala Gauri Vrat 2022 | To get rid of ‘Mangal Dosh’, on the fourth day of ‘Mangala Gauri Vrat’ of Sawan, worship and worship like this, manglik people must worshipOUS News

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-Seema Kumari

The Mangala Gauri Vrat, which falls in the month of Sawan, has great significance. Today is Sawan’s fourth ‘Mangala Gauri’ fast, ie Tuesday 09th August. Apart from this, the auspicious yoga fast of Bhaum Pradosh is also forming on this day.

In such a situation, the infinite grace of Mother Parvati and Lord Bholenath will always remain on the devotees. Mangala Gauri Vrat, which is observed every Sawan Tuesday. This fast is kept for Goddess Parvati and it is believed that by observing the Mangala Gauri fast in the month of Sawan, Goddess Parvati is pleased and grants uninterrupted good fortune.

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Fast ‘Mangala Gauri’ Method

  • On the morning of the Mangala Gauri fast, marriageable girls and married women must take a vow to fast after bathing, etc. After this, decorate the post by placing a red cloth in a clean place.
  • Install an idol or image of Goddess Parvati on it. Offer the mother things like kumkum, scent, rice, red flowers, incense, lamp, naivedya, etc. Offer all the ingredients of honey especially to the mother.
  • After this do the aarti of the mother. Fast during the day and complete your fast at night. By observing this fast according to the law, Goddess Parvati is pleased and fulfills everyone’s wishes.
  • In this way, by fasting and worshipping, unmarried girls get a suitable boyfriend. On the other hand, married women get uninterrupted good fortune, happy married life and family happiness.


Women often observe the Maa Mangala Gauri fast for the long and happy life of their beloved, but this fast proves to be very auspicious and soon fruitful for those girls who want a good partner for their life. By fasting and worshiping Maa Mangala Gauri, the Mangal dosha is also removed from the horoscope. In such a situation, Mangli girls must observe this fast.