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Langya zoonotic virus | A dangerous new virus was found in China amid fierce Corona ‘outrage’, 35 people infected with itOUS News

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New Delhi. Now a new virus has been found in China amid the chaos of Corona. At the same time, according to the Taiwan Center for Disease Control, a zoonotic lung virus has now been found in China. In fact, according to reports, at least 35 infected people have been found so far.

What do the ‘studies’ say?

According to information received there, Langya Henipavirus was found in the Chinese provinces of Shandong and Henan and is infecting both animals and humans. At the same time, according to Taiwanese officials, “no study we have done so far has found that this virus is spreading from person to person.

We are still doing more studies to find out how the virus behaves after being with an infected person. It has also been said that in the serological survey of domestic animals, this virus was now found to be 2% in goats and 5% in dogs.

What is contagious Langya Henipavirus?

In the test of 35 people infected with Langya henipavirus, 26 people were found to be infected with only Langya virus. These 35 people do not have any kind of close contact with each other. The study also said that the virus is not currently infecting those in close contact.