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Ken Ham sues after rain hit his life-size Noah’s ArkOUS News

Christian fundamentalist Ken Ham in front of his “life-size” ark. (Luke Sharrett / For The Washington Post via Getty)

Fundamentalist Ken Ham is suing his insurance company after his museum’s life-sized Noah’s Ark was caught in heavy rain.

Ham owns Ark Encounter, a Noah’s Ark-style creationist amusement park with a life-size ark, and the Creation Museum, which teaches visitors of all ages that humans and dinosaurs coexisted, that humans didn’t create the climate. changes, and that our planet is only 6,000 years old. Both attractions are located in Kentucky.

But despite the fact that his biblical inspiration supposedly survived the worldwide flood, the lawsuit suggested that the access road to the meeting with the ark could not withstand the rain.

According to courier magazine, in a 77-page lawsuit, Ark Encounter sought compensation and punitive damages because its insurance company refused to cover rain damage.

The lawsuit says heavy rains caused landslides on the access road to the ark in 2017 and 2018, although the 510-foot wooden ark was not damaged.

Ark Encounter owner Ken Ham says gay people are “perverted” and transgender people are “the devil’s lies.”

Ham, a fundamentalist who believes in literal interpretation of the Bible, also runs a ministry called “Answers in Genesis,” which describes “homosexuality, bisexuality, pansexuality, transgenderism, transvestism, and nonbinarism” as “perverse and corrupt.”

Last year, he wrote several blog posts discussing LGBTQ+ people.

In one, he warned gay choir Christian parents against “the desire to lure minors into the gay lifestyle”, and in another, he stated that more young people feel comfortable declaring they are transgender because “society is pushing children away from the biblical definition men and women, and indoctrinating and seducing impressionable young people with the lie that happiness can be found in freedom from the “fetters” of masculinity and femininity.

He called the assertion of transgender people “dangerous” and urged his followers to “share the hope of the gospel with those who have bought into the culture’s lies, which are the lies of the devil.”

No wonder both Ark Encounter and Creation Museum refuse to hire LGBTQ+ employees.

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