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Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has said that the IMF is keeping very strict conditions for the agreement out of the norm, there is nothing hidden from the country about the agreement. Speaking at a special session of the Senate, Ishaq Dar said that a few friends. Countries have promised to support Pakistan, now the IMF is asking them to fulfill those promises and that is the only reason for the delay, the delay in the IMF program is not from the government, this time. The discussions have been very detailed, a lot of questions have been put forward, we have completed everything. The Minister of Finance said that we have to protect the national interest, no one will compromise on the nuclear or missile program, no one will. It is not right to tell Pakistan where it is. missiles or nuclear weapons that you should have. You said that I have put the IMF agreement on the website in the past. It will be put on the website, I am talking about the delay in the IMF program, this is not the new program that the government has made, this is the IMF program 2019. I started which should be completed in 2020. The Minister of Federal Finance said that the IMF program has been completed from 2013 to 2016. The laws have been passed by the Parliament after which I think monetary policy became much more liberal.