Iranian president cancels interview with American journalist for refusing to wear headscarfOUS News


The Iranian president’s team made a condition for CNN’s top international anchor Christian Amanpour to wear a scarf minutes before his interview, Amanpour refused to accept the condition: American media — Photo: Twitter Amanpour

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi canceled an interview with an American journalist from TVCNN for refusing to wear a headscarf.

According to US media, the Iranian president’s staff made a condition that CNN’s top international anchor Christian Amanpour wear a headscarf a few minutes before the interview, which Amanpour refused to accept.

Christiane Amanpour says she wears a headscarf in accordance with local laws and customs when reporting in Iran, but there is no such law or custom in New York.

She said she has interviewed every Iranian president since 1995 and no Iranian president has ever asked her to wear a scarf anywhere outside of Iran.

The American media report said that this interview with the Iranian president in New York on the occasion of the United Nations General Assembly meeting was long overdue.



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