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Innisfil, Ontario. held a public meeting to showcase Orbit’s developmentOUS News

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Residents living in the city of Innisfil had the opportunity to learn more about the city’s Orbit project at a public meeting Thursday evening.

The meeting is open to the public and is held at the Innifil town hall.

Residents in attendance are encouraged to ask questions and provide input into what the city says will be an 800-hectare project surrounding the Alcona area.

This project will mean the development of several high-rises, townhouses and local green spaces with a proposed transit station near Line 6 and 20 Sideroad, south of Alcona.

“From here, what happens is all the entries are brought back with the city staff and the advisory group, then we revise the policies and bring them back to the council hopefully by May,” Andria Leigh, director of the program and development for Innisfil said. .

“That just sets the policy stage for more development applications, and as we move forward, then applications will come in, and they will be reviewed based on those policies.”

The city says that while this is a long-term project, once completed, it will have the potential to bring in 90,000 residents and create over 20,000 jobs.