Knicks’ RJ Barrett and Obi Toppin Clash on the Bench During Game

Knicks' RJ Barrett and Obi Toppin Clash on the Bench During Game Meta Description: A heated moment on the Knicks bench between RJ Barrett and Obi Toppin during a game caught on camera. Tom Thibodeau dismissed it as a normal competitive spirit, and the players made up post-game.

The New York Knicks recently had a heated moment during their game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, where TV cameras caught a tense exchange between teammates RJ Barrett and Obi Toppin on the bench. The incident led to head coach Tom Thibodeau separating the two players, but he dismissed it as a typical product of competitive spirit.

Thibodeau acknowledged that cameras are everywhere and that such incidents are more common than people realize. He added that the heat of the moment dissipated immediately, and he encouraged the players to talk to each other and put the team first. He was glad that the players were able to move on and win the game.

Something Toppin said offended Barrett and stood up to confront him during a third-quarter timeout. Assistant coach Johnny Bryant removed Barrett from the scene to prevent any further escalation. However, after the game, Toppin and Barrett took pictures together in the locker room to show that the incident was water under the bridge.

Barrett emphasized that such conflicts were normal among family members and that he and Toppin were good. He did not reveal what Toppin had said to him, but he praised Toppin for his performance on the court after the incident. The Knicks won the game 130-116, with Toppin scoring 12 points in 19 minutes.

Toppin also shrugged off the incident, but it was clear that he was frustrated with his lack of playing time this season. He said that he was ready whenever his name was called and that he would do what the team needed him to do to win. It was Toppin’s first start of the season, as Julius Randle was out with a sprained ankle.

The moment of anger was unusual for Barrett, who has only had eight career technical fouls. However, it was not the first time Toppin had gotten into a heated argument this season. He had a similar incident with assistant coach Rick Brunson earlier in the season.

In conclusion, conflicts are common in any team sport, and the Knicks are no exception. The incident between Barrett and Toppin was a product of competitive spirit and the heat of the moment, but the players were able to resolve it and move on. Coach Thibodeau emphasized the importance of putting the team first, and both players showed that they were committed to that goal.


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