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Happy Independence Day 2023: The 74th Independence Day of India is celebrated on January 26 this year. On this day, the United Kingdom first accepted its constitution that was established by the members of the National Assembly. January 26, 1950 marked the establishment of the Indian Constitution as it emerged from the tragic colonial past. However, it was on 26 November 1949 that the Constitution of India was adopted for the first time. November 26 is celebrated as Constitution Day.

Republic Day: History
The Constituent Assembly is a body whose purpose is to frame the Constitution of India. Its first meeting was held on 9 December 1946, attended by 207 members, including nine women. Initially the number of members of the assembly was 389 but after the independence and partition of India on 15 August 1947 this number was reduced to 299.

That divorce committee under the leadership of Dr. BR Ambedkar was one of the more than 17 committees of the Provincial Assembly. The task of the drafting committee is to write a constitution for India. The committee removed about 2,400 amendments while debating and discussing the law out of 7,600 amendments.

The last meeting of the Provincial Assembly ended on 26 November 1949 and the constitution was adopted at that time. However, it came into force only two months later on January 26, 1950 after the signing of 284 signatures.

Republic Day: importance
It was decided to declare 26 January as India’s Independence Day because it was the day the Indian National Congress (INC) declared India’s independence in 1930. The date was chosen after the Congress declared the resolution of Poorna Swaraj on this day.

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